Kyung Sook's Father (2009)

Kyung Sook's Father (2009)

Other name: 경숙이 경숙아버지 ギョンスクとギョンスクのお父さん 京淑與京淑的父親 Gyeongsuk & Gyeongsuk’s Father Gyeongsuk & Gyeongsuk's Father Kyung Sook’s Father My Dad Loves Trouble


With Jung Bo Suk playing an irresponsible, selfish prick of a father leaving his family to save his bacon during the Korean War, and super-talented Shim Eun Kyung playing his daughter Jo Gyung Suk, this 4 episode special mixes very dark and wicked comedy with tragedy in such a breezy, eclectic way that you wonder if you're really watching a Korean TV Drama, particularly considering how polished all this looks. Family love during the Korean War has never been this intelligent. Nor this funny.

This is a stage play that was turned into a drama.

Original Network: KBS2;

Director: Hong Seok Koo [홍석구]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2009

Genre: Comedy; Family; Historical; Miniseries;

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