Kyoso no Bannin (2022)

Kyoso no Bannin (2022)

Other name: 競争の番人 Kyousou no Bannin Guardian of the Market Competition Keeper Keeper of Competition


Koshobu Tsutomu is smart enough to have passed his bar exam at the age of 20. He also graduated at the top of the law department at Tokyo University. He had his choice of prestigious job opportunities, but he chose to work at the Fair Trade Commission. The commission is commonly called the Guardian of the Market. There, Koshobu Tsutomu works for the 6th examination team. One day, Shirokuma Kaede joins the 6th examination team. Shirokuma Kaede is a detective. While chasing a criminal, she failed to catch the criminal that was right in front of her eyes. She was then ordered to transfer to the Fair Trade Commission. Even though Koshobu Tsutomu and Shirokuma Kaede have totally different personalities, they team up to tackle difficult cases.

Adapted from the novel "Kyousou no Bannin" (競争の番人) by Shinkawa Hotate (新川帆立).

Original Network: Fuji TV;

Director: Moriwaki Tomonobu [森脇智延] and Aizawa Hideyuki [相沢秀幸]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Investigation; Mystery; Novel;

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