Kyo kara Hitman (2023)

Kyo kara Hitman (2023)

Other name: 今日からヒットマン きょうからヒットマン 上班族殺手 Kyou kara Hittoman Hitman from Today Убийца - работа на полставки


Shy, clumsy ordinary salaryman Inaba Toukichi is forced into living a dual life as an office worker and a hitman, in order to protect his family.

(Source: Drama-Otaku)

Adapted from the manga series "Kyo kara Hitman" (今日からヒットマン) by Muto Hiroshi (むとうひろし).

Episodes: 10

Original Network: TV Asahi;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Manga;

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