Kuuhaku o Mitashinasai (2022)

Kuuhaku o Mitashinasai (2022)

Other name: Fill In the Blanks


Tsuchiya Tetsuo (Emoto Tasuku) suddenly wakes up one night in his company’s meeting room. When he goes home like usual his wife Chika (Suzuki Anne) seems out of sorts. She is lost for words and frightened. He goes to awaken their 1-year-old son but the boy is clearly 4 years old. A public official eventually comes to visit and tells Tetsuo, “You died three years ago.” There is a lot of news on TV and the internet of the resurrection of people who are supposedly dead all over the world. However, Tetsuo has no memory of his own death. It is said that he fell from the rooftop of his company but he is frustrated that he has no recollection whether it was an accident or suicide. Could he have been murdered by that security guard Saeki (Abe Sadao) who followed him around at every opportunity? Tetsuo pursues the truth as the mystery deepens. However, Chika seems to be hiding something. Each person’s dark side is revealed little by little.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Drama; Suspense;

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