Kuroshinri Kanojo ga Oshieru Kindan no Shinrijutsu (2021)

Kuroshinri Kanojo ga Oshieru Kindan no Shinrijutsu (2021)

Other name: クロシンリ 彼女が教える禁断の心理術 Kuroshinri - Kanojo ga Oshieru Kindan no Shinri Jutsu Kuroshinri Forbidden Psychology She Teaches


"I only ever notice it after-the-fact... but it's always what she wanted in the first place!" Ever get that feeling?

The forbidden technique of "Dark Shinri-Jutsu" (aka "Dark Psychology") is a method of using casual conversation, hints, words and behaviour to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of others to control them as you wish whether that be to good and innocent ends or to satisfy even the darkest desires of the heart. Kuronosaki, a mysterious, sharped tonged and sadistic person who solves many psychological problems, mysteries and cases through the use of this banned technique. She will show up suddenly sniggering "Are you stupid?" in front of a person suffering from interpersonal relationship issues and then teach them the use of "black psychology" to solve the problem though a variety of manipulative techniques including narration/storytelling, active listening, inviting speculation, reading and leading body language, glances and gestures and other triggering mechanisms that can be practised at home, work or school to variously capture the heart, imprint motivation, direct emotional response or facilitate communication & self-reflection. A thrilling suspense drama overflowing with black humour!

Is it a life to manipulate or a life to be manipulated?

Original Network: BS Fuji; Kansai TV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Miniseries; Suspense; Thriller;

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