Kung Fu Monster

Kung Fu Monster

Other name: 武林怪兽 When Robbers Meet the Monster


During the Wanli Emperor's reign in the Ming dynasty, Sun Yehe, supervisor of the Eastern Depot, was ordered to capture monsters that have escaped from the royal palace. At the same time, militia warrior Zhen Jian colludes with his martial arts junior Xiong Jiaojiao and female warrior Leng Bingbing gather a group of forest fighters to rob the silver from corrput officials. However, silver was missing, while wanted criminal criminal Feng Sihai appears along with Jianghu wanderer Wu Bai. As a bigger crisis comes, monsters are looking through it nearby.

Director: Andrew Lau [劉偉強]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Martial Arts;

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