Kularb Rai Kong Naai Tawan

Kularb Rai Kong Naai Tawan

Other name: กุหลาบร้ายของนายตะวัน Mrs. Tawan And His Devil Rose My Sassy Rose My Sassy Girl


Rosalin or Rose is the epitome of an heiress. She is the only heiress to Grandfather Narong, the owner of Hotel Queen Rose. Rose is spoiled, she always get what she wants ever since she was little. She throws a fit at everyone and anyone, even at her own grandfather for telling her that she should be an intern before she has a right to work for an administrative position at the hotel. Rose is pissed off at the fact that despite earning her Master’s Degree from abroad, she has to work for other people.

Rose decides to put her foot down and demands her administrative position or she will fly back abroad. She even throws a fit at Tawan who owns a flower farm called “Ban Rai Tawan” when he delivers the orchids for Rose’s welcome back party. But Rose is an heiress, she refuses to accept some orchids that came from a countryside’s farm. She believes she deserves roses that are grown abroad only. At the same time, Tawan refuses to take her crap and fires back insults. Rose retaliates by signing him a check in order to get him to admit defeat. Tawan tears up the check in return and tells her that she cannot buy him, no matter the amount of money.

During the ruckus, Rose is taken by a man high on drugs. He uses her as a hostage since he was fired by her. Rose orders Tawan to help her but he tells her that she needs to plead with him first. Tawan even taunts the man with the knife to stab Rose. Rose is angry beyond reasons but she has no choice but to plead for Tawan’s help. Tawan successfully rescues her from the addict. Rose hopes that she will never have to meet Tawan ever again.

However, the story does not end there as Chan, Tawan’s grandfather, is actually Narong’s best friend. In the past, Narong borrowed 20 million from Chan in order to build Hotel Queen Rose. Narong wants to meet up to pay him back the money, but Chan turns him down. Instead, he asks that if he can have Rose be his granddaughter-in-law instead. Narong is beyond ecstatic and accepts. He believes that Tawan will be able to change the wicked villain known as Rose into a lovely angel that she was before.

Rose is unable to accept this arranged marriage condition so she plans to flee back abroad. Peera, a close friend of Rose, along with his younger sister, Usawadee both continues to fuel the fire not to accept the marriage. At the same time, Tawan says that he would rather die than having to marry such a rotten rose. While he refuses to do so, a part of him wants to teach her a lesson. Chan and Narong are willing to compromise. They do not have to get married yet if they do not want to, but they must meet them halfway by allowing Rose to go live at Tawan’s farm for one year. After a year, they will not have to get married. But if she leaves before the year is over then the wedding will happen immediately. The heiress unwillingly goes to live at the farm.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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