Konkatsu Shokudo (2023)

Konkatsu Shokudo (2023)

Other name: 婚活食堂 こんかつしょくどう Konkatsu Shokudou Marriage Restaurant Matchmaking Restaurant


Shokudo Megumi is an oden restaurant run by Megumi, a popular former fortune teller who lost her powers. Now she still helps her regular customers in other ways, by advising them through their various troubles in their marriages. In this way, the customers of Shokudo Megumi will find happiness.

Adapted from the novel series "Konkatsu Shokudo" (婚活食堂) by Yamaguchi Keiko (山口恵以子).

Original Network: BS TV Tokyo;

Director: Yokoi Takeshi [横井健司] and Onuma Yuichi [小沼雄一]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Food; Novel; Romance;

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