Koi ni Ochita Ohitori Sama: Stendhal no Renairon (2022)

Koi ni Ochita Ohitori Sama: Stendhal no Renairon (2022)

Other name: 恋に落ちたおひとりさま~スタンダールの恋愛論~ One Person Who Fell in Love: Stendhal's Love Theory


Satoko, a librarian is not confident with herself because she has never been in a relationship although she is 30 years old now. She encounters a gentleman named Ryosuke and falls in love with him instantly. A man who proclaims he is "Stendhal", the author of the French literature "Love Theory" suddenly appears in front of Satoko who hopes to change herself every day. It is a good thing for Satoko who is surprised at seeing this "illusion" which, in her mind, appears because she is so worried about her love. What's more, to make Satoko and Ryosuke have a blossoming love, Stendhal guides Satoko with love secrets and gradually changes her! In this way, they two will become closer. However, Satoko has a "certain past secret" she does not want to be known by anyone...

Adapted from the novel "Unmei no Koi wo Kanaeru Stendhal" (運命の恋をかなえるスタンダール) by Mizuno Keiya (水野敬也).

Original Network: Amazon Prime;

Director: Maeda Tetsu [前田哲]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Novel; Romance;

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