Kioku Sosa 2 - Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken Fairu (2020)

Kioku Sosa 2 - Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken Fairu (2020)

Other name: Kioku Sosa 2 - Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken File , Kioku Sousa Season 2 ~ Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken File, 記憶捜査2〜新宿東署事件ファイル〜


Onizuka Ichiro has been confined to a wheelchair ever since he was stabbed by a criminal and lost the function of his two legs. After retirement, he was reappointed by Shinjuku Higashi Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division to head its Judicial Section because of the numerous cases he had solved. One day, a dead man is found in Shinjuku Botanical Garden and identified to be Matsumoto Yugo. The name is familiar to Onizuka who does a search on his computer and realises that Matsumoto had filed a report on the theft of his bicycle a month earlier. Together with his subordinate Toyama Saki, and Jin Keitaro, who was sent from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division to be a detective at the precinct, Onizuka begins to investigate the case. However, the new police chief Azuma Kanata is not pleased that their section is getting involved and has a confrontation with Keitaro over the investigation strategy.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Crime; Detective;

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