Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election (2022)

Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election (2022)

Other name: 킹메이커: 선거판의 여우 킹메이커 Kingmeikeo: Seonkeopanui Yeou King Maker


Kim Woon Bum is a politician for the opposition party. He dreams of becoming the president of the country. Seo Chang Dae is an excellent strategist. He joins Kim Woon Bum's election campaign staff and Kim Woon Bum goes on to win consecutive elections. Finally, Kim Woon Bum is elected as the presidential nominee for the opposition party. During a fierce presidential election, an explosion occurs at Kim Woon Bum's home. Seo Chang Dae is suspected of being the culprit

Director: Byeon Seong Hyeon [변성현]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; political;

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