Keishicho Hikikomori Gakari (2021)

Keishicho Hikikomori Gakari (2021)

Other name: 警視庁ひきこもり係 Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Hikikomori Metropolitan Police Department Hikikomori Section


Kusakabe Eiji was part of the Criminal Division but was forced to move to another department after getting injured in an incident. He was told to move to the Life Safety Division's General Affairs Section 2, often called as the "Hikikomori Section". The department consists of officers who are "socially withdrawn" and is tasked support the other police departments whenever there is a labor shortage.

One day, a lady visits the department and asks for help to find her missing fiancé. At the same time, a strangled body was found which belonged to Yamagishi Ryohei, the representative of a major IT company. While pursuing the case with Takase from the Criminal Division, it was found that Yamagishi was the missing fiancé and he had committed multiple marriage scams. The case gets complicated as it gets deeper. Can the Hikikomori Section find the truth without taking a step out of their room?

Original Network: TV Asahi;

Director: Kinoshita Naomi [樹下直美]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Detective; Investigation; Mystery;

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