Keep Running: Yellow River (2020)

Keep Running: Yellow River (2020)

Other name: 奔跑吧黄河篇 奔跑吧·黄河篇 奔跑吧特别季 跑男 跑男特别季 Ben Pao Ba Huang Ke Ben Pao Ba Keep Running: Special


The returning cast of season 8 along with special guests will be exploring the vast Yellow River, which spans across 9 provinces, focusing on touring the environment, culture, ecosystem, traditions, history, folk customs, and cuisine. The members of Keep Running: Yellow River will start from the source of the Yellow River in Shandong and follow the river to different cities.

Director: Yao Yi Tian [姚译添]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Family; Variety show;

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