Kabukicho Love Hotel

Kabukicho Love Hotel

Other name: さよなら歌舞伎町 Sayonara Kabukicho Goodbye Kabukicho


A series of mishaps occur overnight at a love hotel located in the famous Kabukicho red light district, where people with shady secrets and conspiracies flock to. Toru, a young hotel manager who is understandably distraught when he encounters two unexpected guests. The first is his girlfriend, an aspiring singer who's agreed to sleep with a music executive in exchange for a record deal. The other is his sister, an actor in the porn shoot on the hotel's second floor. Before the night is through, many more characters — including a young Korean woman working as a "delivery girl" in order to raise the money to open a shop back home — will experience surprising, life-changing events in these busy hallways and bedrooms.

Director: Hiroki Ryuichi [廣木隆一]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; life; Mature;

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