Jyuui san, Jiken Desuyo

Jyuui san, Jiken Desuyo

Other name: 獣医さん、事件ですよ Shiba Ken, Jyuui-san jiken desu yo Is There a Vet in the House? Jui-san Jikendesuyo Veterinarian, It Is an Incident


Kentaro Shiba works as a veterinarian and he runs Shiba Veterinary Clinic in Tokyo. He is bright, warmhearted and easily moved to tears. Kentaro also has an adopted daughter named Hinako. Kentaro struggles over the problems of the animal owners that visits his clinic and he always meddles in other people's affairs. He frequently falls in love with the female pet owners.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama;

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