Jungle Juice PosTX

Jungle Juice PosTX

Other name: 정글쥬스 Jeonggeul Jyuseu


South Korean writer/director Min-ho Cho fashions a slapstick, buddy-movie crime caper against a backdrop of alienated youth culture in his zany action-comedy JUNGLE JUICE. Ki-tae (Hyuk Jang) and Cheol-su (Beom-su Lee) are two wannabe-gangsters trying to insinuate themselves into the local mob ring by working as low-level lackeys. When they ineptly botch an important drug deal and have to repay the missing money, the enterprising duo embark upon an unlikely scheme involving a big bag of cocaine and a prostitute named Meg Ryan (Hye-jin Jeon)--all while being pursued by the local authorities and a sadistic mobster named Min-cheol (Chang-min Son). Quirky and fast-paced, JUNGLE JUICE aims to elicit equal parts adrenaline and laughter. 

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Action; Comedy; Mature;

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