Joshikosei, So ni Naru. (2023)

Joshikosei, So ni Naru. (2023)

Other name: 女子高生、僧になる。 じょしこうせい そうになる Joshikousei, Sou ni Naru. High School Girl Becomes a Monk


High school girl Shimoshiraishi Mugi, a former idol otaku is about to graduate high school but still is undecided in her career path. Her grandfather, who was the chief priest of a temple, passes away, and during the funeral, she discovers he had left behind considerable debt. There she also meets her childhood friend Isono Shuu, who had studied at a Buddhist University and is a qualified monk. Mugi, who doesn’t want to let go fully of her grandfather’s temple accepts Shuu’s proposal to become chief priest, and the two work together to rebuild the temple.

(Source: Drama-Otaku)

Episodes: 10

Original Network: MBS;

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Childhood; Comedy; Religion;

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