Jiu Liu Overlord (2020)

Jiu Liu Overlord (2020)

Other name: 九流霸主 Jiu Liu Ba Zhu Jiu Liu Bazhu Ninth Overlord Властелин Цзю Лю


The lives of people from two different social classes never intersect. Li Qing Liu is a silk merchant who leads the upper elite while Long Aoyi leads the lower class consisting of the entertainers, seamstresses, candy sellers, and thieves. They are pitted against each other but have to push aside their prejudices to solve a case of a burglary that shakes the city.

During the late Tang Dynasty, wealthy tycoon Li Qing Liu showcases garments made from the finest golden silk inside a bustling tavern. Outside the tavern is Long Ao Yi, the leader of the Longzhu Clan who engages in a game of life and death against the Snake Clan. Despite having no connections, the two are forced to work together because of a case revolving around the missing gold thread.

As he gets to know Long Ao Yi, Li Qing Liu realizes that he had many misconceptions about the ordinary folk. In turn, Long Ao Yi learns the ways of trading from him. When the machinations of an unscrupulous merchant causes many people to lose their homes, Li Qing Liu steps up to protect them. His identity as prince is revealed and a new fight takes place in the palace with Long Ao Yi by his side.

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Director: Qiu Yu [邱钰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Corruption; Hidden Identity; Historical; Investigation; Martial Arts; Mystery; Romance; Web Series;

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