Ishi no Mayu

Ishi no Mayu

Other name: 石の繭 殺人分析班 Ishi no Mayu Satsujin Bunsekihan Stone's Cocoon: Murder Analysis Squad Stone's Cocoon


Toko Kisaragi (Fumino Kimura) is a detective who just transferred to 11 Section of the 1st Investigation Division at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Her father was also a detective.

A body is found under the basement floor of an abandoned building. The body has been cemented. Detectives hold a meeting to investigate the case. The murderer then calls the investigation headquarters. The murderer introduces himself as Toremi. Toko Kisaragi becomes Toremi's negotiator. While giving hints about the murder, Toremi also ridicules and provokes the detectives. Toremi then calls and announces a second murder. The second victim is found and that person is also cemented.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Detective; Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Suspense;

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