Iron Ladies Roar! (2014)

Iron Ladies Roar! (2014)

Other name: สตรีเหล็กตบโลกแตก Satri Lek Tob Lok Taek


The Iron Ladies are back! The members are now in their forties and are watching an exciting international volleyball match between Thailand and Japan. The ladies cannot bear to compare it with their Iron Ladies playing style. They are now recalling their glorious past.

Coach Bee invited Mui to join Lampang team. However, Mui was hesitant to join the team because there were many members missing in the team. Jung and Parn volunteered to search and recruit the missing team members. After the team is complete, they undergo intensive training to get back in shape and consequently won the first place of Northern Thailand Volleyball Championship.

Nevertheless, an unexpected incident happened after their victory and miserably scattered their team. Coach Bee and Mui started to gather their team back for an upcoming Thailand National Volleyball Championship. Will they pick themselves up and bring back their glory days?

Director: Poj Arnon [พจน์ อานนท์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: BL; Comedy; Friendship; Lesbian; Sports;

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