Introduction (2021)

Introduction (2021)

Other name: 인트로덕션 Inteurodeoksyeon


1. the father had asked him to come but he was occupied when he came

2. she wanted to study in Germany and her mother had to find cheap lodging

3. he went to see his mother at a beach restaurant and she was with an old actor

Yeong Ho is summoned by his father, who is a doctor. Finding him busy with his patients, one of whom is a famous actor, Yeong Ho has to wait. When his girlfriend Joo Won moves to Berlin for her studies, Yeong Ho shows up in the city to surprise her. Through her mother, Joo Won has found accommodation at the home of an artist whose beauty intimidates her. Some time later, Yeong Ho goes to lunch with his mother who wants to introduce him to a colleague - it is the same man Yeong Ho met at his father's clinic. Yeong Ho asks his friend Jeong Soo to accompany him, and after lunch they go to the beach. Yeong Ho falls asleep, and dreams of Joo Won. When he wakes up, he braves the considerable cold and goes swimming, while Jeong Soo watches.

Director: Hong Sang Soo [홍상수]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama;

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