Into Thin Air (2005)

Into Thin Air (2005)

Other name: 人間蒸發 人间蒸发


Into Thin Air' begins with Zhing and Winnie as a married couple. One day when Zhing is solving a case about a 'Rose Murderer', his son is there. His son wants to play with Zhing and Zhing is annoyed because he is trying to catch the murderer, so he shouts at him and pushes him away. Zhing then tries to find the murderer but the murderer has escaped. After this incident Zhing was fired and wasn't a police officer anymore.

Two years later the series tells us that Zhing and Winnie are divorced. Zhing has opened a service place that helps people find lost belongings with his cousin Super and friends Bo and Yen. Zhing has opened this servicing place to help people find what they have lost and also in the hope of finding his son.

Siu and her father are in the acting industry but they play small parts in series and they help out the director. One day Siu is looking after many children that are a part of a series and she brings them to a fast food restaurant. The children are all running about and being quite noisy. Zhing and Super are at the fast food restaurant too and see all the children running around in circles. Siu loses her earring and Zhing helps her find it. They acknowledge each other and Siu and Zhing exchange business cards.

'Into Thin Air' continues with a range of sub plots, mysteries and investigations. This series is also full of suspense, romance and emotional moments.

Original Network: TVB Jade;

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Drama; Mystery; Romance; Suspense;

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