Ikinokotta 6-nin ni Yoru to (2022)

Ikinokotta 6-nin ni Yoru to (2022)

Other name: 生き残った6人によると いきこのこったろくにんによると Ikinokotta 6-ri ni Yoru to According to the Six Survivors According to the 6 Survivors What Six Survivors Told…


The pandemic that happened in Chiba was the beginning of everything. Mizukami Riri encounters an infected person on the way back from the softball club. She escapes to the shelter with everyone in the club, but a new infected person appears and she runs out of life. When she woke up, she was in a shopping mall in Makuhari.

Young men and women of different ages and occupations lived in a siege and lived a cheerful and "special" life. If they go outside, it's a hell full of zombies. However, the shopping mall is a safe area full of leftover supplies.

A human pattern that intersects with the feeling of "I want to fall in love because of this time!". Who and who can stick together and escape alive? A survival romantic comedy that depicts funnyness in extreme situations where each true intention and love pattern can be seen and hidden!

Original Network: TBS; MBS;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Miniseries; Romance; Supernatural; Survival; Zombie;

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