If You Were Me 3

If You Were Me 3

Other name: 세번째 시선 당신과 나 사이 Sebeonjjae Sinseon Between You And Me


Episode 1.Muhammad the Hermit King | director: Chung Yoon Chul.

An illegal worker of a toxic chemical factory, Muhammad from Thailand is always blamed for not wearing a security mask by the factory manager. One day, regulation authorities come to the factory. Thus, the manager has Muhammad, who should always run away from vans and police, go to a public sauna to that there’s no wage for today. In the bathtub, he finds himself watching a TV show introducing global cultures.

The Hermit King is a person from a sea village in Thailand on this show who dives from morning till night. A reporter visits his place to find his true story, but he’s not there. After showing a picture of the King, his mother says that he has gone abroad to make money.

Episode 2. The Girl Bitten by Mosquito | director: Kkim Hyoen Phil

A girl who is the head of the family is sick and tired of sponsoring performances by politicians such as athletic competition for young heads of the family. She’s also tired of charitable events at churches where she can get some Kimchi. Now she begins to like a church boy who can help her. Upon finding this boy, who she opens her mind to, she wants to buy him a video camera no matter how. One day, she happens to follow behind to surprise him, only to realize his truth. A fire breaks out in her room due to a burning candle as she hasn’t been able to pay for the electricity bill for months.

Episode 3. GaP | director: Lee Mi Yeon

Ho Jung who quit her job after getting married wants to restart her previous work. Dae Woo avoids contacting with her, however, by saying that Dae Woo is tired and believes Ho Jung is only being peevish. One day, Dae Woo argues how much a mother means to a child, with exclaiming angrily, “Family members have their own roles!” Do men make money, women stay home? Is this what this husband wants for a role?

Episode 4. A Tough Life | director: Noh Dong Seok.

For his birthday party, Kyung Soo’s mother invites his elementary school friends for a wonderful birthday party. Believing he is interested in English, she loves to invite his classmates from English class were native English speaker teachers. As soon as a foreign girlfriend of Kyung Soo arrives, the exciting party air starts to be broken.

Everyone gets shocked by her dark skin. His friends make fun of her by saying, “Are you from Africa?” and “Go back to your country!” Dragging Kyung Soo into a room, his mom says, “Why do you play with her cheating on your mom?” His moderate mother finally unmasks herself.

Episode 5. BomBomBomB!!! | director: Kim Gok, Kim Sun.

Ma Sun, known for being gay at school, is always insulted by a classmate. There are endless rumors at school life his boyfriend wears a girl’s underwear. Ma Taik is surprised at Ma Sun’s drumming at an audition for the school band. After performing some tunes together, they become close and special friends and practice at the band room until night. One day, their classmates find them playing together and a rumor spreads that they are gay and in love with each other. Ma Taik stands at the crossroads of choosing either to follow their friendship and to be alone at school or to betray this friendship to survive at school. What will he choose to do?

Episode 6. An Ephemeral Life | director: Hong Ki Seon.

Mr. Doh drives a forklift at a factory. After receiving an urgent message indicating that his mother is in critical condition, he tries to take some time off. The answer from his boss is “No way” because he is an irregular worker. He gives up taking time off since it should deduct from his monthly and salary. Upon hearing his sister’s anxious words “Your mother is sick, how could you not… Are you sure you are not going?”, Mr. Doh enters the gate of the factory again. He tries to pray for his mother by taking a bible from the library, but the wall of the staff library is even higher than the Berlin Wall for him, an irregular worker.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Drama;

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