If You Were Me (2003)

If You Were Me (2003)

Other name: 여섯 개의 시선 もし、あなたなら〜6つの視線 Yeoseot Gaeui Shiseon


If You Were Me is a 2003 South Korean omnibus film, comprising six short films directed by six prominent Korean directors, Jeong Jae Eun, Yim Soon Rye, Yeo Kyun Dong, Park Chan Wook, Park Jin Pyo, Park Kwang Su. Commissioned by South Korea's National Human Rights Commission, each of the shorts deal with discrimination in Korea. The film has spawned several live-action sequels, as well as two animated films, which deal with similar themes.

"Crossing" - A disabled man on crutches hobbling along the streets of Sejongno, downtown Seoul. On paralytic actor Kim Moon Joo and disabled theatre group Hwol. Directed by Yeo Kyun-dong (Out to the World).

"The Man with an Affair" - A former sex criminal has been cut off by his neighbors. Raises questions about the human rights of sex offenders. Directed by Jeong Jae Eun.

"The Weight of Her" - A high school student must struggle to secure a job because of her undesirable appearance. Discusses discrimination against women. Directed by Yim Soon Rye.

"Face Value" - Depicts work settings where job applicants are evaluated by their physical appearance in looks-obsessed Korean society. Directed by Park Kwang Su.

"Tongue Tied" - Korean parents' extreme fervor for education is exposed as a child undergoes a tongue operation to enhance his ability in spoken English. Directed by Park Jin Pyo.

"N.E.P.A.L.: Never Ending Peace and Love" - A Nepalese woman named Chandra spends six years in a mental hospital after she was mistakenly accused of losing her mind. Tackles the human rights of foreign laborers in Korea. Directed by Park Chan-wook.

Director: Park Chan Wook [박찬욱], Park Kwang Soo [박광수], Im Soon Rye [임순례], Jeong Jae Eun [정재은]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Documentary; Drama; Omnibus;

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