If The Voice Has Memory (2021)

If The Voice Has Memory (2021)

Other name: 如果声音有记忆 如果聲音有記憶 Ru Guo Sheng Yin You Ji Yi Yu Gu Seng Yam Yau Gei Yik


Yu Lu Xi was born with a unique voice. Armed with her dream to become a voice actress, she learns that her boss Lin Nan is a god in the dubbing industry.

The optimistic and energetic Yu Lu Xi is working hard to achieve her ultimate goal in life to become a voice actress. By chance, she discovers that her boss Lin Nan is a gem hidden among the elite workforce because he is none other than Mai Da, the voice actor that she has been idolizing for many years.

Lin Nan becomes a mentor to Yu Lu Xi and the two work hand in hand to explore the world of sound. As she continues to improve, Yu Lu Xi finds out a secret concerning Lin Nan. Nonetheless, they open their hearts to each other to become closer. Just as Yu Lu Xi begins to have a taste of success in love and in her career, her father Alzheimer's disease deals her a terrible blow. She uses her voice to call back his memories.

Original Network: Mango TV;

Director: Sun Hao [孙浩]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Romance; Web Series; Youth;

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