I Need Romance 3 (2014)

I Need Romance 3 (2014)

Other name: 로맨스가 필요해 3 로맨스가 필요해 시즌3 Romaenseuga Pilyohae Sijeu 3 Romaenseuka Pilyohae 3 In Need of Romance 3


Shin Joo Yeon is a 33-year-old fashion marketing director at a home shopping channel company. She's developed a tough prickly outer shell in order to succeed in the workplace, and has almost given up on the idea of true love after countless failures in the relationship department. Joo Wan is a 26-year-old songwriter and carefree spirit who returns to Korea after seventeen years living abroad. Up until the age of 9, he was practically raised by his mom's friend and her daughter, Shin Joo Yeon. She only remembers him as a kid she was forced to play with him when her mom was busy, while all his early memories from bath time, to play time, to learning how to tie his shoe, include her. Upon meeting again, he aims to heal Joo Yeon's jaded sense of romance.

Original Network: tvN;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Childhood; Cohabitation; Cold Man; Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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