I Like You, You Know? (2016)

I Like You, You Know? (2016)

Other name: 我喜欢你,你知道吗? 我喜歡你,你知道嗎? 我喜歡你 你知道嗎? Wo Xi Huan Ni, Ni Zhi Dao Ma? Director: Chen Rong Hui I Like You. Do You Know That? Do You Know That I Love You Ты знаешь, что я люблю тебя?


Tells the story of the main character choosing between one man and one woman.

Adapted from the novel "I Like You, You Know?" (我喜欢你,你知道吗?) by Wo He Ni (我和你).

Original Network: PPTV;

Director: Chen Rong Hui [陈戎晖]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: BL; Drama; Novel; Romance;

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