I Have a Smart Doctor Wife (2023)

I Have a Smart Doctor Wife (2023)

Other name: 我的医妃不好惹 神医毒妃不好惹 我的醫妃不好惹 神醫毒妃不好惹 Wo De Yi Fei Bu Hao Re Shen Yi Du Fei Bu Hao Re


Yun Ruo Yue, a modern doctor, is electrocuted in the process of saving lives and traveled to ancient times, using her own medical system to practice medicine and cure illnesses. She is granted to marry the Crown Prince of the former dynasty, Lord Li. The two of them, one treating illnesses and saving lives, the other protecting the people, go from disliking each other to gradually admiring each other, and then to working together, falling in love, and redeeming each other.

Adapted from the web novel "Princess Consort Is No Pushover" (神医毒妃不好惹) by Jian Bing Juan Da Cong Gou Zi (煎饼卷大葱狗子).

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Historical; Novel; Romance; Time Travel; Web Series;

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