Hula Girls (2006)

Hula Girls (2006)

Other name: フラガール 훌라 걸스 草裙娃娃呼啦啦 扶桑花女孩 สาวฮุล่า หัวใจฮีโร่


Hula Girl is a true story set in the 60s. Stricken by the recession due to the adoption of oil as a primary energy resource, the charcoal mine of Joban, in Iwaki city, decides to relay on tourism and to use the hot springs on its territory to create the 'Joban Hawaian Center', spa resort and theme park of Hawaian inspiration. To fulfill this project, the mine direction creates a hula dance troop, facing the incredulity and even the opposition of the majority of the population.

Hula Girl tells the struggle of those young women who chose to enter the dance troop.

Director: Lee Sang Il [이상일]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Comedy; Drama;

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