Hua Jai Chocolate

Hua Jai Chocolate

Other name: Heart of Chocolate ; หัวใจช็อกโกแลต


Hua Jai Chocolate" is about Chun (Mos), a rich young man, who does not know the real meaning of love. But when he went to Switzerland to study hotel management, his life changed. During his stay there, he befriended Wan (Aom), who was also studying hotel management. As they continue to spend time together, she taught him about love. When Wan learned that Chun was allergic to chocolate, she tried to find a way to help enable him to eat chocolate. She made chocolate candies without chocolate powder, which is called white chocolate, and offered it to him. Since then, their love for each soon blossomed. When they went back to Thailand, they separated because Chun's ex-girlfriend still wanted him. As for Wan, she didn't want to declare her love for him because she was afraid to get hurt again. It reminded her of the last time she fell inlove, which was her ex-fiance, he cheated on her. Chun tried to pursue Wan but gave up because he thought she was inlove with her childhood fr

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Drama;

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