Hoon Payon (2023)

Hoon Payon (2023)

Other name: หุ่นพยนต์ Hun Phayon


Tham searches for his brother Thi in order to deliver the news of their parents' passing. Thi is ordained as a monk at a temple on Don Sing Tham Island. On arrival, Tham meets Jes, the grandson of the former abbot. Jes makes hoon payon, enchanted effigies of the dead. Tham learns of a rumour that Thi vanished after murdering the abbot.

Tham doesn't buy the story nor does he respect the villagers' strange reverence for the sculpture of Pho Pu Sing Tham. Though his appearance is unsettling to Tham, Pho Pu Sing Tham is said to protect them. Soon, a girl goes missing, a wild predator roams the island, a vengeful ghost is rampant and worse yet, the figure of Pho Pu Sing Tham is destroyed. The enraged villagers prepare to curse and hunt down the unknown culprit.

Director: Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon [ไมค์ ภณธฤต โชติกฤษฎาโสภณ]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Horror; Suspense;

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