Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin (2022)

Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin (2022)

Other name: ヒヤマケンタロウの妊娠 He's Expecting Hiyama Kentaro's First Pregnancy


Set in a world where men get pregnant and give birth.

Kentaro Hiyama works at an advertising agency. His romantic partner is Aki Seto . Aki Seto works as a freelancer writer and an editor. She prioritizes her working career first and ignores her parents' pressure to marry. One day, Kentaro Hiyama learns that he is pregnant. Kentaro Hiyama and Aki Seto are surprised by the pregnancy. They both didn't expect to become parents. Kentaro Hiyama now faces a lot of difficulties due to his pregnancy. Kentaro Hiyama and Aki Seto must decided whether to have their baby or not.

Original Network: Netflix;

Director: Kikuchi Takeo [Kikuchi Takeo] and Hakota Yuko [箱田優子]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Manga; Slice of Life;

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