Hitomonchaku nara Yorokonde! (2023)

Hitomonchaku nara Yorokonde! (2023)

Other name: ひともんちゃくなら喜んで! ひともんちゃくならよろこんで If Someone's in Trouble, I'd Be Delighted to Help!


Despite being famous on social media as the “Angel of HR,” Hitomi Mamoru is unhappy with her job. Upset one evening, she goes out drinking, spending the night with a devilish stranger who changes her life!

Adapted from the manga series "Hitomonchaku nara Yorokonde!" (ひともんちゃくなら喜んで!) by Yatsumi Tsumu (八海つむ).

Original Network: ABC;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Manga; Romance;

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