Hippocrates no Chikai (2016)

Hippocrates no Chikai (2016)

Other name: ヒポクラテスの誓い ヒポクラテスのちかい 히포크라테스 선서 希波克拉底誓詞 希波克拉底誓词 Hipokuratesu no Chikai The Hippocratic Oath Клятва Гиппократа


On the advice of Professor Tsukuba (Furuya Ikkou), a physician she respects, houseman Togano Makoto takes training at forensic medicine classes. She gingerly steps into a classroom with a strange atmosphere. The eccentric but outstanding forensic professor Matsuzaki Tojiro gives her a polite brush-off and leaves the place. Makoto trains under Kosaki in a story that throws the ethical conflict surrounding autopsies and human relationships into sharp relief.

Adapted from the 2015 novel "Hippocrates no Chikai" by Nakayama Shichiri.

Original Network: WOWOW;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Medical; Mystery; Novel;

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