Hero (2022)

Hero (2022)

Other name: 奇侠义士 奇俠義士 Ji Xia Yi Shi Qi Xia Yi Shi Странный рыцарь


The memorial hall's interpreter Airplane (played by Wang Zirui) and security captain Haozi (played by Sun Hao), the night before the academy's curation, suddenly encountered a thief from Jiangyang who came to steal the treasure of the town courtyard "High Mountains and Flowing Water". In the battle between good and evil, he happened to encounter the "lunar eclipse" fantasy, which started a fantastic journey of constant time reset and crossing the Ming Dynasty. In the arduous journey to break the reset, Jiji and Haozi were involved in the life-and-death dispute between Xu Wuqiang (played by Zhang Ge) and Liu Jin's eunuch, and witnessed the turbulent history. There is also a deeper understanding of camaraderie.

Director: Liu Di Yang [刘迪洋]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy;

Airs: Feb 08, 2022

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