Her Story (2022)

Her Story (2022)

Other name: 世间有她 世間有她 Shi Jian You Ta Hero Hero


The background of "Her Story" is set in 2020: a sudden disaster that disrupted everyone's lives. When society face unemployment when families fall apart, when lovers are separated, when death is approaching quietly, and when a peaceful life suddenly undergoes unexpected changes, how will women respond? What are the vital and irreplaceable roles that men play in women’s lives and growth? The three female directors Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong and Chen Chong used their unique female perspectives to explore and show people's plights and struggles in family, career, and love in special times.

Director: Joan Chen [陳冲], Sylvia Chang [張艾嘉], Li Shao Hong [李少紅]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Disaster; Drama; Family; life; Romance;

Airs: Sep 09, 2022

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