Poo Ying Khon Nun Chue Boonrawd (2015)

Poo Ying Khon Nun Chue Boonrawd (2015)

Other name: ผู้หญิงคนนั้นชื่อบุญรอด Poo Ying Kon Nun Chue Boonrawd Her Name is Boonrod Her Name is Boonrawd That Woman's Name is Boonrawd That Woman’s Name is Boonrawd


When Monchanok's parents move into a new home, she starts to experience strange occurrences. One night while her parents are away on a business trip, Mon hears a young man's voice coming from an antique painting left by the previous owners. As she touches the painting, it falls to the floor, shattering the glass. A mist surrounds Mon as she loses consciousness. When Mon awakens, she finds herself in a land and time not her own. The man she is greeted by is none other than Prince Yuttana, the man from the painting. Mon is confused and frightened. She will soon learn who this man is, her relationship to him, and why she was brought back in time.

Original Network: GMM One;

Director: Sataporn Nakwilairoj [สถาพร นาควิไลโรจน์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Novel; Romance; Supernatural;

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