Hello Franceska s1

Hello Franceska s1

Other name: 안녕, 프란체스카 안녕! 프란체스카 Annyeong! Peurancheseuka Annyeong, Peurancheseuka Hello! Franceska Hello, Franceska


Romania, 2005. One of the last vampire families on earth decides to disguise themselves and live among humans until "the glory of their empire" revives. They are sent to different places all over the world that are considered safe by their leader.

However, a group of vampires takes the wrong ship and happens to come to Korea. On board, they run into a timid and unlucky man Doo-il. One of the vampires bites him by mistake and he becomes one of them. They promise Doo-il that they will return him into a human on the day when their leader comes to find them. He doesn't have any other choice but to live with them. They are disguised as a family of five and start new lives in Seoul. Can they really go back to their country safely when their leader comes to find them?

While watching the vampires who disguise themselves as a human family, the viewers will witness both their human sides and the humans' inhuman sides. Can Seoul be a safe place for them?

Director: Noh Do Cheol [노도철]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Family; Sitcom; Vampire;

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