Heaven's Bookstore (2004)

Heaven's Bookstore (2004)

Other name: 天国の本屋~恋火 てんごくのほんや〜こいび Tengoku no Honya~Koibi


Kenta, a young pianist who has just lost his job, is drowning his woes at a bar when he meets a man in a Hawaiian shirt named Yamaki. He invites Kenta to work with him, and the next thing he knows, Kenta wakes up to find himself in a room he has never been in before. It is a strange room that seems to have no connection to life. He descends a staircase to find many shelves of books. Yamaki appears once again and tells him that this is Heaven's Book Service, and Kenta is going to start working a short-term, part-time job here. In addition to selling books, this bookstore, owned by Yamaki, provides a service of reading aloud to customers. Although he is unsure of his new surroundings, Kenta follows their actions and starts to work in his new part-time job.

Director: Shinohara Tetsuo [篠原哲雄]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Musical; Novel; Romance;

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