Psych-Hunter (2020)

Psych-Hunter (2020)

Other name: 心宅猎人 战地少年 Xin Zhai Lie Ren Zhan Di Shao Nian Heart House Hunter Haunted House Notes Heart Hunter Haunted House Handbook


Jiang Shuo is in the business of buying haunted houses and selling them. He crosses paths with Qin Yi Heng, a psychologist searching for his father, and Yuan Mu Qing who is the daughter of a warlord. Together, they partner up to fight against mysterious forces.

Jiang Shuo suffers from amnesia but is well-versed in the affairs of the occult. Qin Yi Feng receives a letter that contains the countdown to Jiang Shuo's time of death and evidence of his father's abduction when he went missing one year ago, sealed with the six-finger seal. Qin Yi Heng becomes determined to track down the only clue that might lead him back to his father. Jiang Shuo is able to use Zhuyoushu to enter another person's psychological time and space. With only a limited time and threats from the defense mechanisms of a person's psyche, Jiang Shuo puts himself at great risk each time he tries to find clues that will help him uncover answers. Fortunately, Qin Yi Heng's psychological prowess and female constable Yuan Mu Qing's fighting skills are ready to back him up.

Adapted from novel "Haunted House Notes" (凶宅笔记) by Er Shi San (贰十三).

Director: Li Ze Lu [李泽露]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Conspiracy; Investigation; Mystery; Psychological; Suspense;

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