Happy Sisters (2017)

Happy Sisters (2017)

Other name: 해피 시스터즈 Haepi Siseuteozeu


This drama tells the story of two sisters Yoon Ye Eun and Yoon Sang Eun.

Yoon Ye Eun (Shim Yi Young) has been married for 7 years. She is a housewife and works hard taking care of the family on her husband, Lee Jin Sup (Kang Seo Joon)’s side. Her in-laws though give her a hard time, but she is positive and happy. Her husband’s business is doing well and they move into a new house. However, she then finds out her husband is having an affair.

Yoon Sang Eun (Han Young) is single and runs a small piano institute. While running her piano institute, she has fallen into debt. She meets Choi Jae Woong (Oh Dae Gyu) through a matchmaking agency. Choi Jae Woong proposes to enter into a contract marriage with Yoon Sang Eun and in return he will pay off her debts.

Original Network: SBS;

Director: Lee Jeong Hoon [이정훈] and Ko Heung Shik [고흥식]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: melodrama; Rich Man; Romance;

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