Hanzawa Naoki Iya Kinen - Episodo Zero

Hanzawa Naoki Iya Kinen - Episodo Zero

Other name: 半沢直樹イヤー記念・エピソードゼロ Hanzawa Naoki Commemoration Year: Episode Zero


Kosaka Kei works as a programmer for IT company Spiral. The Tokyo Central Stock Exchange is about to overhaul their financial security system for the first time since their company was founded. The stock exchange will take bids for the work. Spiral is one of the companies taking part in the competition for the winning contract.

Hamamura Hitomi is a new employee at Tokyo Central Stock Exchange. She receives training in the information system department. She meets Kosaka Kei and they take interest in each other.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Drama; Suspense;

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