Guardians of the Tomb (2021)

Guardians of the Tomb (2021)

Other name: 墓王之王 Mu Wang Zhi Wang: Qi Lin Jue Great King of the Grave


Luo Wu Zi helped Li Si Xiu to build the mound of Qin Shi Wang (the first emperor who united China). His disciples continued to build and safeguard the royal tombstone. In between lies the appearance of the Nine Great Tombstones, also known as Great King of the Graves. For thousands of years the tombs were never robbed. The outsiders regard these guardians of the tombs as the Tomb Sect. After the death of Luo Wu Zi, the position of Grave King is transferred to his eldest disciple, Mu Rong Xiu.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Friendship; Historical; Martial Arts; War; Wuxia;

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