Green Water and Green Hills With a Smile (2020)

Green Water and Green Hills With a Smile (2020)

Other name: 绿水青山带笑颜 綠水青山帶笑顏 녹수청산대소안 Lu Shui Qing Shan Dai Xiao Yan The Life I Want Lucid Water Lush Mountain Жизнь, которую я хочу


Revolves around outstanding urban youths inspired by the "Two Mountains" theory who return home to build a beautiful countryside.

Heading up a private prep school for 8 years, Xu Han finds himself becoming attracted to rural landscapes by chance so he decides to return to his hometown to start up a homestay. In doing so, he meets a series of unexpected challenges.

Du Xiao Yu is decisive and independent. Having a passion for old craftsmanship, she becomes determined to start her own glasss workshop after resigning from her job, yet finds difficulty gaining the understanding and support of her own family. With the help of Zheng Fei, Shen Huan Ge, and the other locals, can they finally turn their dreams into reality?

Adapted from real stories.

Original Network: Hunan TV;

Director: Liu Liu [刘流], Zhou Ying Nan [周英男], Liu Bao [刘宝], Sun Qi [孙琦], Yu Shi Qi [于十七]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Based on True Story; Romance;

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