Girls Drive (2023)

Girls Drive (2023)

Other name: ガールズドライブ Gaaruzu Doraibu Девчонки за рулем


A road movie depicts the youth of a high school girl spending her last summer vacation in high school. The main character of the story is Koharu Minami, a third-year high school student who devotes her youth to track and field in a small town overlooking Mt. Fuji. She was noted as a sprinter but in her last competition she was disqualified during a match. Her classmates, Yuka, Rena, and Ayumi, who also have youth troubles, hit it off with Koharu saying, "She doesn't want to spend her summer vacation like this," and she decides to head to Tokyo. Four people head for Tokyo by car towards their respective goals.


Director: Miyaoka Taro [宮岡太郎]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: School; Youth;

Airs: Nov 10, 2023

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