Gangster High

Gangster High

Other name: 폭력써클 Pokryeoksseokeul Pokryeok Sseokeul


Sang Ho is an ordinary high school student. His dream is to enter the military academy under the influence of his father who is an army colonel. As entering high school, he became friends with Jae Gu, Chang Bae, Kyung Chul, Hong Kyu and Sang Sik. They grouped a soccer team called `Tiger`, building up friendship by playing soccer.

Sang Ho and his friends ran into a group fight with seniors, these incidents made everybody in school to misunderstand them as they were a serious group of gangster. When Sang Ho becomes close with a girl whose boyfriend is a boss of another school`s gangster group, things are going worse.

Although Gangster High deals with high school gangs, its depiction of violence is no less fierce than any Jopokyeonghwa, Korean gangster films. However, the film never romanticizes violence. Sang Ho is not romantic at all, and he turns into a cruel fighter when violent actions are unavoidable. As in his previous film 'A Whispering Corridor', a horror film of fearful, nightmarish girlhood, director Park depicts reckless teenagers living in the world without compassion through cruel, cold eyes.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Action; Drama; Gangster; School;

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