G Storm (2021)

G Storm (2021)

Other name: G風暴 G风暴 反贪风暴5 反貪風暴5 反贪风暴5:最终章 Fan Tan Feng Bao 5: Zui Zhong Zhang G Fung Bou Шторм G


ICAC takes on its most cruel case yet as it wages a fight against human trafficking. The reach of those involved is extensive and all the clues lead nowhere. Chief Investigation Officer Lu Zhi Lian stands his ground in the ultimate anti-corruption battle.

While jointly investigating a smuggling and corruption case, Lu Zhi Lian and Cheng Deming uncover a greater evil in human trafficking. The case spreads far and wide as it involves terrorist group leader King and Xiao Zhuo Ya who is the man pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It even hints at the involvement of several senior leaders in the Hong Kong Customs as well as Chief Justice Aima who received a special invitation to come to Hong Kong and put under the protection of Liao Bao Qiang. Amidst the surging undercurrents, when will the truth emerge?

Director: David Lam [林德禄]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Action; Corruption; Crime; Investigation; Terrorist; Thriller;

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