Fune wo Amu: Watashi, Jisho Tsukurimasu (2024)

Fune wo Amu: Watashi, Jisho Tsukurimasu (2024)

Other name: 舟を編む 〜私、辞書つくります~ Weaving a Boat: I'll Make a Dictionary


Kishibe Midori is a 25-year-old woman who works in the editorial department of a fashion magazine that belongs to a large publishing company. However, the fashion magazine was cancelled by its parent company. Kishibe Midori then gets transferred to the editing department for a dictionary. What awaits Kishibe Midori is that there are people filled with personality, including the head of the editorial department, Majime Mitsuya. Initially, Kishibe Midori had a hard time in her new workplace.

As time goes by, she becomes inspired by the persistence and enthusiasm of those who work around her. They have spent over a decade working on one dictionary. Kishibe Midori finds attractiveness in the words she works with. She also develops pride and self-fulfilment over her work.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Adapted from the novel "Fune wo Amu" by Shion Miura.

Episodes: 10

Duration: 49 min.

Airs On: Sunday

Original Network: NHK BSP;

Director: Tsukamoto Renpei [塚本連平] and Aso Manabu [麻生学]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: life; Miniseries; Novel; Workplace;

Airs: Feb 18, 2024

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