Full House Take 2

Full House Take 2

Other name: 풀하우스 TAKE 2 풀하우스 2 フルハウスTAKE2 Furuhausu Teiku 2 Poolhawooseu 2 Full House Season 2 Full House 2 Pul Hauseu Take 2


Jang Man Ok (Man Ok means "full house" in Hanja) is a martial arts instructor at her grandfather's institute. Yet, Man Ok is interested in fashion and without her grandfather knowing runs an internet shopping site. Later, she poses as a stylist for top idol group TAKE ONE and moves into the band's luxurious house, which superstar musician Lee Tae Ik inherited from his father.

Director: Nam Ki Hoon [남기훈]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Martial Arts; Romance;

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